Best Upright Stationary Bike for Home.

The upright stationary bike is quite popular since they enable anyone to get some exercises any time they want at home. You can see that there are now many advanced features in the new models compared to the old ones. An upright exercise bike is not much different from the ordinary bike.

The way you sit and the way you use the pedal is just the same, unlike if you’re using recumbent exercise bike. Thus, your legs will work more intensively. Another benefit of having this type of bike is it does not take much space. So you can now choose your best upright stationary bike.

Best Upright Stationary Bike features

Easily Adjusted Height and Programs

An easily operated equipment is not only helpful, but it also encourages you to have more exercises. Can you imagine how complicated equipment will frustrate you even before you’re having an exercise?

Therefore, choose the best upright stationary bike with height that can be adjusted easily, especially if your whole family will be using it. You also need to see if the programs can be modified with no trouble according to everyone’s workout intensity. The more exercise you have, the more intense your workout will be.

Seat and Pedals

Since you will be seating throughout the workout, you need to ensure that you have the right seat size. You must be sure that you can seat comfortably during your workout. You can try the seat first before you buy it. Or, if you have no other options, you can still change your bike’s seat with a new seat in the size and model that you want.

Besides the seat, pedal is another important thing to deal with. Check if the pedals facilitate smooth operation. And the best upright stationary bike always gives easy access for the riders to get their feet onto the pedals.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor is very useful to control your workout progress and intensity. There is a chest strap model or contact monitor model. However, the chest strap model is more comfortable to use since it does not disturb your movement. While the contact monitor only works when it is touched.

Heart rate monitor, some exercise bikes give more features, including calories and distance tracker, headphone jacks, and reading stand.


With the many parts that can be easily moving, you have to ensure its safety. The best upright stationary bike can be locked safely and provide safety shroud to keep it away from children and animals’ reach to prevent any injuries when it is not in use. Watch out if there are any children when you’re having an exercise.


The length of warranty varies from one product to another. Choose the one that provides you with at least one year warranty. Seek also for warranty that includes material and labor costs should any damages happen.

Usually, the more expensive exercise bike, the longer the warranty it has. Some expensive bikes even give lifetime warranties. While the others provide five to 10 years warranty periods.

Price is of course another thing to consider in choosing the best upright stationary bike. Make the most of your budget to get the best features as you can. Remember that you will not use the bike for only one or two weeks. So, pick it wisely.

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